How To Visit The Land of Waterfalls in Brevard, North Carolina


If spending a few days in the forest wandering in awe of waterfalls is your cup of tea, I highly recommend making a trip over to Brevard, North Carolina.

Located about forty minutes outside of the city of Asheville, Brevard is located in the county Transylvania, which is known as the backdrop for the Hunger Games movie and of course, having over 300 waterfalls.

The best way to enjoy this spectacular place is to grab an Airbnb in the town of Brevard (we did this and loved our little house!) and drive to all the nearby attractions.

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The Main Attraction

A few minutes from town is the entrance to Pisgah National Forest where Looking Glass Falls is located. This waterfall is perfect for anyone and everyone simply because you don’t have to hike to it.

A concrete pathway leads to the falls and in the winter when the water completely freezes over you can watch ice climbers on the waterfall.

(Side note: I’ve been practicing my photography skills. Which photo of the falls do you like best?)

Some other waterfalls in the area are pretty big attractions (especially Sliding Rock where you can actually ride on it like a water slide) but sadly time didn’t allow us to take an extended hike.

If you want to know more about the Brevard area, make sure to check out my latest video! I am posting more regularly and would love to share my recipes and travels in a different way other than this blog 🙂



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