The Best Budget Airlines To Fly To Europe


Traveling to Europe from the United States is now more affordable than ever! Check out these airlines for the best deals to fly to Europe.

How To Fly to Europe on a Budget. These Airlines fly from the US to Europe at a fraction of the price! Learn how to fly to Europe for Cheap!

International budget airlines are the best way to travel to Europe from the United States, hands down!

The first time I flew to Europe was with Icelandic Air (a budget airline) back in 2013. At the time I was shocked at how low the price was.

Now, over 4 years later, prices have dropped even further, making it cheaper to fly to Europe than certain parts of the United States.

Yes, it’s literally cheaper for me to fly to Europe than to visit Oregon to see some of my old friends from high school and culinary school.

Today I am going to be sharing with you some of my favorite budget airlines and some tips to get you the best prices.

Grab your passport, we are going to fly to Europe!


IcelandAir water from a budget airline that can fly to europe

I have flown three times with IcelandAir and I highly recommend this airline if you are wanting to stopover in Iceland as well as visit Europe. IcelandAir allows you to add up to 7 days to your travel itinerary with a free stopover in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Whenever I have had a stopover in Reykjavik it was always in the middle of the night. Which is really cool in the summer because you get to watch the sun set and rise in the middle of the night! If you are going to be here during this time make sure to pack some snacks since most dining options are closed at this hour.

Sample Flight Prices:

Boston – Amsterdam $503 RT

New York – Helsinki $429 RT

Seattle – London $646 RT

Where They Fly: Boston, Amsterdam, Anchorage, Barcelona, Chicago, Copenhagen, Denver, London, Orlando, Portland, Washington D.C., plus others.

Norwegian Air

Copenhagen on Norwegian Air

See beautiful Copenhagen for a fraction of the price!

I love this airline! While this budget airline charges you for extras (like water, meals, luggage), Norwegian Air makes up in the air. I flew from Copenhagen to Orlando direct with them and enjoyed every minute of my flight on their 787 Dreamliner. This plane has bigger windows, they fly higher, and have mood lighting to help reduce jet lag. I’ve already booked another flight with them for my next flight!

Sample Flight Prices:

New York – Paris $149 OW

Orlando – Copenhagen $199 OW

Los Angeles – Barcelona $250 OW

Where They Fly: Copenhagen, Athens, Bangkok, Bergen, Budapest, Gothenburg, London, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Paris, plus others.

Wow Air

Wow Air

Wikimedia Commons

This Icelandic airline also offers stopovers in Iceland at no extra charge! Like Norwegian Air, Wow Air charges for luggage, seat reservation, and food on the plane.

Sample Flight Prices:

Washington D.C – Reykjavik $109 OW

Chicago – Berlin $189 OW

Los Angeles – Dublin $219 OW

Where They Fly: Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, New York, Pittsburg, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Salzburg, Warsaw, plus others.

Tap Portugal

Tap Portugal Airplane

Wikimedia Commons

This Portugal based airline provides free stopovers in Portugal up to three days. A perfect way to add a another destination to your trip!

Sample Flight Prices:

New York – Barcelona $189 OW

New York – Vienna $206 OW

Miami – Madrid $189 OW

Where They Fly: Boston, New York, Miami, Barcelona, Lisbon, Vienna, London, Paris, Rome, Munich, plus many others.

The Bottom Line

Want to make use of these deals? Follow these tips to make sure you get the best price possible:

  • Be flexible with your travel dates

Some travel times or dates are a bit unusual. Find out when you can travel and try to be flexible to get the best deal.

  • Travel light

The more luggage you have, the more you’ll pay for luggage fees. Wear your winter coat on the plane and use it as a pillow to save up precious luggage room.

  • Book two months in advance for the best price

Most airlines have the best pricing 6-8 weeks in advance for international travel.

  • Pack snacks for the plane

Pack some snacks or pick up something at the airport before getting on the plane to avoid buying too much food while on your flight.

  • Check the round trip fare

Always make sure to check out the airfare back to your home location while booking your flights. Flights tend to be more expensive back home than to Europe.

In Europe? Check out my guide on flying cheap with RyanAir, a budget airline in Europe!


Do you know of any other budget airlines? Let me know in the comments below.


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