How I Earned $12.76 My Fourth Month Of Blogging : July Income Report


It’s my fourth month of blogging and my income has nosedived! Learn why my loss of income in my July income report is perfectly normal.

Learn how I earned $12.17 my 4th month of blogging! My July Income Report is lower than last month's, but that's okay!

This post includes affiliate links that earn income at no cost to you.

The Reason I Provide Income Reports

If it wasn’t for income reports written by other bloggers I would have never learned about the tools and resources used to monetize your own blog.

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for new ways to grow my business. In fact, these income reports hold me accountable to my growth and allows me understand different strategies to grow the blog.

But that’s not the only reason I provide these reports.

The main reason I provide these monthly reports to show other bloggers that its possible to earn an income from doing something that you absolutely love. I did it, so why can’t you?

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  • Revamped my Youtube channelI started creating recipe videos to showcase some of my favorite International eats!
  • Planned a future trip. I am going away this month, and next month. Stay tuned for some travel posts!
  • Focused on Content Creation. This month I spent time creating new content specifically for the site. While this led to a decrease in income, I am very happy with the direction this blog is going in.

Why My Income Is Lower Than Last Month

This month I decided to focus entirely on my website and on my freelancing. I did not post any sponsored posts or write too many articles about blogging. This in turn has led my income to be constricted to only advertisements on my site and affiliate links.

While my income is lower, I feel like my content is getting a bigger focus. While I may not be earning as much as other bloggers, I know I will eventually!

Now, onto the numbers!

Social Media Report

Facebook: (Aimed for 475 Followers) 453 → 459

Pinterest: (Aimed for 1000 Followers) 806 → 914

Instagram: (Aimed for 400 Followers) 342 → 398

Twitter: (Aimed for 250 Followers) 202→ 241

Overall I am pretty happy with these social media numbers from my fourth month of blogging.


Slowly but surely my numbers are growing! I post to Facebook once a day via their scheduler and once a day via Coschedule. I did have someone commenting on eeeeeverything, and had to block them from my page.


I have to thank Tailwind  for my huge jump in followers! If you haven’t used tailwind yet– go over there right now and sign up for a free trial! It’s been a time-saver and a half for my pinning.

And I can’t forget the use of PicMonkey to create the pins that I use for my posts. It’s simple to use and the pro version lets you save your designs– making it a snap to make custom templates.


Instagram is heating up! I like to post once a day and add stories frequently. I have noticed that I get the most engagement around 5 and 6 pm.


I love twitter! I currently use CoSchedule to schedule out my tweets about posts, but I spend a few minutes throughout the day tweeting about my random life.

July Income Report

  • Awin – $5.00
  • CoSchedule – $7.50
  • Share-A-Sale – $0
  • Google Adsense – $0.26

Total: $12.76


Awin is the perfect jumping off point for bloggers that are new to affiliate marketing. Some of their partners include Etsy, Trusted House Sitters, and even Booking.Com .

It’s free to join and a great way to earn money from your blog! (On a side note: Awin requires a one-time refundable $5 fee to open your account. Once you make your first sale it will be given back to you).


I recently partnered with coschedule to write a review. In return they took 50% off my monthly membership, essentially giving me money back every month. Use Coschedule? Write your own review and you can get 50% off too!

Share A Sale is a great affiliate marketing agency to join at no cost to you! I love using them because you can promote products that you use every single day like PicMonkey (the program I use to make all of my pinterest graphics) and Tailwind (what I mentioned above!)

Google AdSense

I have one small ad on the right for my Google Ads. It’s a great little way to get income without doing a single thing.

To add ads to your site you must be using a self-hosted site. I use Bluehost. In fact by using this link you can start your own site for only 2.95 a month!

August Goals

Facebook: 475 Followers

Pinterest: 1000 Followers

Instagram: 425 Followers

Twitter: 275 Followers




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