How To Fly Cheap with RyanAir


Learn how to navigate this budget airline like a rockstar.

I really enjoy flying. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of an adventure. Or maybe it’s the little magazines they have behind the seats. Better yet, the act of nudging knees with a complete stranger.

Yea, that’s it.

Flying is a great way to get from here to there in a fraction of the time it takes to take a bus, train, or even a road trip. And while I do love road trips there’s something so (how do I say this) romantic about taking a plane in one city and touching down in another.

But you know what?

Most flights are pricey. RyanAir on the other hand provides rates which are almost comical.

Dublin, Ireland -> Brussels, Belgium $22.34

Frankfurt, Germany -> Pisa, Italy $22.58

Zadar, Croatia -> Copenhagen, Denmark $18.99

London, England -> Bucharest, Romania $5.12

How can you not love airlines deals like this?!

And just so you know, I wasn’t sponsored in anyway to write this. I really enjoy cheap flights.

So How are These Flights So Cheap?

One word: Add-on’s.

Think of Ryanair like a sandwich. They are the bread and the one piece of meat that makes it a sandwich. However, every addition of cheese, veggies, and even a slice of avocado is going to cost you. The price advertised is the bread and the slice of meat. If you are traveling with a carry on, RyanAir is the perfect airline for you. Traveling with a family of four with check in baggage, there might be better deals with another airline.

Here are the add-on’s you can add to your ticket (for a price)

  • Checked Baggage
  • Reserved Seats
  • Priority Boarding
  • Insurance
  • Meals
  • Drinks (No free drinks on board here!)
  • Pillows, blankets, headphones

Traveling as A Non-EU citizen

Let me tell you a little story about how I ran through the London Stansted Airport barefoot.

RyanAir requires all non-EU citizens to get their printed ticket (yes, you have to print your ticket at home otherwise it costs $12 to print at the desk) stamped at the check-in desk before going through security. My sister and I had just landed from Rome and didn’t realize we needed to go through immigration into the UK. We only had an hour to make our connection so we figured we would be able to do it (sans immigration).

While standing in line we knew if we didn’t cut the line we would miss our flight entirely and be stuck in the UK. We asked an immigration officer if we could cut and he loudly stated that we would have to ask the people waiting in line. Nobody budged. Finally a nice man saw we were Americans and pitied us, letting us through.

If it wasn’t for that man we would have been stuck in that line for ages.

Next up was going through security. We loaded our bags, overcoats, and boots onto the conveyer belt. The clock was ticking down and of course my bag would get flagged. My bag got inspected as well as my boots tested. When we finally got the Okay I knew I wouldn’t be able to run as fast in my boots so I booked it barefoot.

Accurate depiction of me running through the airport

We raced through the gift shops and pushed past travelers to reach the departure board. And our flight wasn’t on it.

I panicked. Was our flight already gone? My back was drenched in sweat and I fought to catch my breath. A security guard was nearby and I asked him about our flight. “Oh flight 644? Got delayed an hour so it’s not on the board yet.”

You can’t imagine the sigh of relief I gave. I could practically hug the man.

We sat down at Starbucks and drank glasses of water until our flight was announced.

I love traveling with my Sister. Check out some of the reasons why here.

So this is what I tell you:

  1. Make sure you have ample time between flights to get your ticket stamped.
  2. Be Prepared. This includes printing and getting your ticket checked before going through security.
  3. Know your Bag weight and dimension.
  4. Enjoy the fact that your flight saves you money.

Have you ever flown on RyanAir? What has your experience been?


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