I eat dinner in a different country every night without ever leaving my kitchen.

And guess what fellow traveler? So can you!

Lyndsay’s Travel Kitchen is a food and travel blog focused on authentic international recipes and inspiring travel stories.

I find that one of the best ways to learn about a new country is to immerse yourself into the local cuisine. However, since I physically can’t go to a different country every night for dinner, preparing authentic dishes from each country at home was the next best thing.

Thus, Lyndsay’s Travel Kitchen was born.

Hi, my name is Lyndsay and I’ve been traveling (and eating) my entire life. I decided to start this blog to learn about different food around the world. There’s something so thought provoking about eating a meal that is unique to you but completely ordinary to others. It gives you an edible perspective into another culture.

Stockholm Gamla Stan

Visiting Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden

You can learn from your food.

Learn stories about different people and how they live.

And most of all, eat delicious food!

So that’s why I’ve set up camp in this little corner of the internet. To help people travel the world via their stomachs and their plates (frequent flier mileage pending).

Before I go I wanted to leave you off with a little look into who I am.

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Sitting next to the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Here are 5 Little Facts About Me:

  1. I’ve lived in the four corners of the US: southwest, southeast, northwest, and northeast. (California Florida, Oregon and Massachusetts).
  2. I studied communications abroad in Jönköping, Sweden in 2015.
  3. I have yet to find a souvenir with the correct spelling of my name on it (If you find one take a pic and show me!).
  4. You can usually find me dancing in the grocery store aisles. Yea, it happens.
  5. I laugh a lot (mostly at myself).

Now that I’ve properly introduced myself, how about you?

I’m always looking for local recipe inspiration. Leave a local dish idea below!