5 Reasons To Solo Travel in Your 20’s


Step out of your comfort zone and take a look at these 5 reasons why you should solo travel in your 20’s.

Learn the 5 reasons to solo travel in your 20's. Your young adult years should be filled with travel and exploring. Learn why to solo travel @

The first time I solo traveled I was 19 flying out to California to visit my long-distance boyfriend. While it wasn’t a complete solo travel (I did travel specifically to see him), it was my first time flying on a plane by myself and traveling to a place without the comfort of my family.

At 22 I studied abroad in Jönköping, Sweden with my sister, Hayley. (In fact I absolutely love traveling with my sister!)While there we learned what it was like traveling and living on our own in a foreign country. While I wasn’t completely flying solo, it give both of us a taste of exploring somewhere new on our own.

At 24 I moved to Boston to Intern at America’s Test Kitchen. While I lived with my cousin renting out a room in her home, I spend all of my weekends traveling and exploring the Eastern United States. In total I visited all 6 New England states plus a short trip into Canada.

I learned a lot about myself while exploring these places on my own (cheesy I know) and I feel more confident now because of my independent travels.

You should do it.

You should solo travel in your 20’s!

In fact, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should travel in your 20’s.

No Timeline

Traveling by yourself means you only have one time to go by– yours! Spend all day looking at those paintings in the art gallery or wiz past the shops you don’t really care for.

Spend time getting lost. I once took the long way to my car while I was leaving an art museum and I stumbled upon the cutest bakery. A hot chocolate was calling my name and I was listening!

See What You Want To See


Sometimes when traveling with others it’s hard to see everything you want to see. One night after work I took a trolley and a train to the Museum of Art (museums are my favorite if you haven’t noticed). I spent over three hours wandering the galleries before I had to leave and find something for dinner. And I didn’t even scratch the surface of the galleries! If I was with someone else I probably would’ve gone through the museum a bit faster.

Make New Friends

When traveling (or living) in a new city it can get lonely. (This seems counterproductive to solo travel, but hear me out). I really wanted to check out the nightlife but was super hesitant to go to a random bar or club by myself.

So I looked up meet up groups. Meet up groups are a great way to meet some new people and get out.

The minute I had walked into the meet up these two girls grabbed onto my arm asking, “Did you come alone?”

I laughed and said I did. They introduced themselves and we spent the entire night dancing and meeting guys. In fact, we are still friends to this day.

But I never would have met them if I wasn’t alone. Traveling solo gave me the little extra boost to go out and socialize with new people.

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Like I said before, it’s your time. And that also means you have full control over how you spend it. While driving through New Hampshire I noticed a sign for a lighthouse off the highway. I immediately took the exit and found myself on a picturesque beach with a beautiful lighthouse.

Another time I decided to treat myself to a martini lunch in a historic hotel. I could have eaten at a restaurant I knew, or even fast food, but the moment I stepped into that lobby I knew I wanted to eat there, and it didn’t matter that I was by myself.


Spending time exploring by yourself builds your confidence.

I once saw that there was a Christmas tree lighting happening in a cute section of downtown. All of my friends were busy so I decided to wine walk by myself.


While at times I laughed at myself for going to a social event by myself, I enjoyed the conversations that I took part in at the various shops and galleries. And you can never say no to free wine!

Overall solo traveling is a great way to explore new places and learn new things about yourself. My 20’s aren’t over yet…and neither are my travels.




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